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How To Start A Nursing Agency In 7 Steps

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So, you’re curious about learning how to start a recruitment nursing agency?

Nursing agencies (also known as staffing agencies, temporary staffing agencies, or healthcare recruitment agencies) provide professional registered nurses and support workers to hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and other settings that require temporary nursing assistance.

Unlike nurses with permanent employment, agency nurses can help out different teams on short notice. They’re often required for staff shortages or to provide extra support in busy periods. 

Owning a nursing agency is an extremely rewarding role. But a well-performing agency doesn’t appear overnight. Discover the seven core steps to creating a successful nursing agency in the UK and an all-in-one recruitment software that can make life easier below.

Step 1: Understanding The Market

The first step to any new business venture is understanding the market. This includes identifying your target markets, competition, and industry trends. 

For example, you might want your nursing agency to cater more to private clients than hospitals. In this case, you should examine the branding and operations of agencies already working within the private sector.

It’s also helpful to look at legal and regulatory requirements at this step, as you’ll need relevant certifications and licences for your niche.

Step 2: Creating A Business Plan

Once you’ve gathered some research, it’s time to put your nursing agency ideas into a succinct business plan. 

Business plans help you grow and focus your business. Think of it as driving with a GPS. They make life a lot easier and save you time and money on the way.

A business plan usually includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Market research
  • Services
  • Financial projections
  • Funding sources

Don’t skip this step if you’re Googling how to start a nursing agency with no money in the UK. A solid plan helps you budget correctly. You might also want to look into Government support schemes and grants available to help small businesses with funding and costs related to set up. 

Step 3: Registering The Business

All UK businesses must be registered with the government. You’ll need a company name, address, one director, and a shareholder. 

Pro Tip: You can use your home address to register your business. Don’t wait until you have a premises. 

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code for a nursing agency is 78200. This covers temporary employment agency activities. 

Step 4: Operational Setup

Operational setup considerations for UK nursing agencies include hiring qualified nurses, investing in necessary equipment and software services, creating company policies, and finding an office location. 

You’ll also want to make sure you adhere to regulations and guidelines from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), NMC, and other healthcare regulatory bodies, as well as stay updated on healthcare legislation.

To get the best start on productivity and organisation, invest in software solutions like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and scheduling tools to improve efficiency. Nowadays it’s much more efficient to choose an all in one solution like Easy Tech which can do everything needed to run a recruitment agency.


Step 5: Marketing Setup

Alongside organising the operational side of your nursing agency, you also need to cover the marketing side. Part of building a business involves creating a brand identity, professional website, and making social media profiles — if relevant to your target audience. 

You may also want to invest in online SEO and PPC marketing or traditional flyers or brochures to raise awareness of your new agency.

Of course, using nurses as ambassadors can effectively market your nursing recruitment agency. Encourage them to share testimonials and daily experiences on social media, participate in community events, and represent your agency at industry conferences. Implement a referral program and create video campaigns featuring their stories to build trust and attract clients and recruits. Your staff are your best asset!

Step 6: Establishing Partnerships

A major question we see about getting started is how do you get contracts for a nursing agency in the UK. This is a vital part of the process, as creating professional partnerships helps you expand your reach, establish a good reputation, and engage with the healthcare community. 

After all, once you’ve built up a base of nursing talent, you’ll need high-quality clients to connect them with!

Step 7: Feedback

After starting a nursing agency, you must keep refreshing and developing your business. This may include providing more training for staff, continuing client outreach, and keeping up with the latest industry standards. 

Do You Need To Register With The CQC?

When researching how to start a healthcare recruitment agency in the UK, you’ll likely see a lot about the CQC. 

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) is an independent health and social care regulator in the UK. 

However, it’s a myth that you must register with them to run a nursing recruitment agency. You don’t even need to be a registered nurse or have medical qualifications to get started. 

However, if you do register with CQC, good recruitment software can save your life when going through taught annual audits.

How Healthcare Recruitment Agency Software Can Help

With so many steps to consider, starting up a healthcare recruitment agency might seem overwhelming. But that’s where specialised recruitment software comes in. 

A bespoke healthcare recruitment software service is designed to help you quickly and efficiently manage agency nurses and healthcare professional bookings. From managing shifts to payrolls, these all-in-one systems take the admin work off your hands and eliminate human error. 

They can also save you money and free up more time so you can focus on nurturing your agency. Other features of recruitment agency software include timesheet tools, bookings, CRM, ATS, and more recruitment-specific tools. 

Easy Tech Solutions For Nursing Agency Owners

Easy Tech provides nursing and healthcare recruitment agency software that helps you keep up with the business. However, the benefits don’t stop there.

With Easy Tech you also receive bespoke reports, the chance to track live data, and seamless communications. You can also prepare a temporary payroll with complete HMRC compliance. All you need to do is set up the system, and you’re off!

Discover more about Easy Tech’s healthcare recruitment software here.

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