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rEnd-to-End Temporary Recruitment Software

Our bespoke Easy Tech software streamlines the temporary recruitment process, making it simpler and more effective. Everything you need available in one product. Following a logic link methodology that flows from one stage to the next, with a communication hub to keep track and record compliance checks all in one easy management system.

Trusted by small and large agencies across the UK, the Easy Tech temp recruitment software includes an Applicant Tracking System, CRM, Booking and Timesheet Management Tools, integrated Payroll module, and Credit Control – saving you time and money.

Applicant Tracking System

The Easy Tech ATS ensures you have complete oversight over every touchpoint during the temporary recruitment process. 

Everything you need is a click away, and you won’t lose out on top talent due to any missing information or communication. It’s accurate, efficient, and 100% effective ensuring compliance.


Everything you need to manage client relationships and nurture leads in one convenient place. Track and analyse data, communicate effectively, and keep your eye on every account with our innovative CRM solution. Cut out room for error and ensure you’re always in full control.

Temporary Payroll

Our user-friendly payroll system ensures full HMRC compliance, provides accurate reporting, and gives you access to all employee payroll data on the spot. Monitor PTO and sick leave without the hassle and manage payments all with a few clicks of a button.

Bookings and Timesheets

Stay on top of your shift bookings, temp bookings and keep track of time spent on projects with our seamless and easy-to-navigate management tool. Easy Tech is the perfect recruitment software for temp bookings, by removing any margin for error and ensuring your accounting is accurate.

Unsure about trading in your current software programs for one single solution?

Don’t just take our word for it, try our 14-day free trial. Once you’ve experienced Easy Tech staffing software, you won’t be renewing any of your other licences. Instead. you’ll enjoy the optimised experience of having everything you need available on a customisable dashboard.

Why work with us?

Easy Tech is a 100% cloud based, all-in-one front and back office software solution for temporary recruitment agencies designed to make processes streamlined, efficient and all in one place. It’s a fully trackable system that allows you to keep all communication and information in one place, with 24/7 customer support. There’s no chance of losing data, and you’ll only be paying for one solution instead of multiple software systems that don’t integrate or work together. We make staying on top of everything all at once easy. 


What does Easy Tech software do?

As a complete end-to-end solution designed specially for temp bookings, Easy Tech software is split into five integrated components:

1. CRM – A streamlined leads and clients sales funnel module with integrated functions of credit control, activity tracking, e-contracts, advanced reporting and a number of integrated communication channels.

2. ATS – Our application tracking system incorporates everything from a jobs aggregator and advanced search tools across a number of platforms to an advanced applicant registration funnel including compliance, activity tracking, communication, automation and reporting modules.

3. Booking and timesheets –  Our lightening fast shift booking system significantly saves your time and resources on shift and staff management as well as on timesheet entry. Rest assured, our algorithm will match only compliant and available candidates based on your client requirements, work history and feedback. Easily manage all your communication channels from one place (including emails, SMS and push notifications). Manage your timesheets manually and digitally, depending on client and internal requirements.

4. Payroll – Our fully HRMC-compliant payroll module runs thousands of payments every week –  accurately, securely and all at the click of a button. It covers RTI, payments and deductions, pensions, payslips and P60s, and also includes clients’ invoicing models and advanced reporting tools.

5. Credit control and reporting – Linked to your sales ledger, this helps you follow up on debtors and the reporting function allows you to pull anything from compliance to margin reports. 

Yes, we have two versions of the system, both with 24-hour support:

  • CRM and ATS, which is perfect for permanent recruitment
  • Full version, which works well for both temporary or permanent recruitment.


Both these options work excellent in a wide variety of sectors. Easy Tech works seamlessly in both permanent and temporary staffing agencies including catering, manufacturing, hospitality industries.

Not at all. The software can scale up to suit the size of your recruitment agency, business or sector.

Across the UK we work with smaller temp agencies right up to larger, international recruitment agencies.

The Easy Tech recruitment solution is 100% cloud based, hosted in Microsoft Azure and automatic backups are in place for applications and databases. Currently, we run on a single Azure region, but we can provide multi-region setup for DR and resilience purposes. All documents are stored in Azure Blob accounts, which are set up with geo-redundancy.

Yes, for example, our current application has seven different security roles, giving users different levels of access to varying parts of the system and data. Users include:

  • Office staff – access to basic information
  • Consultants – access to candidate and client data, excluding financial details and financial reports, with restricted access to adding and amending contact and financial information
  • Manager – restricted access to accountant level financial information
  • Accountant – full access to financial details and reports, including credit control
  • Financial data manager – full access to sales ledger
  • Director – full access to all information on the system aside from user manager and system manager (for example, drop-down field updates)
  • System administrator – full access 

We can also provide separate access for people managing temporary and permanent candidates.


We have cyber essentials and our data is kept and managed according to GDPR regulations.

As we are transparent in everything we do, feel free to read our T&Cs HERE.

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