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With our bespoke Recruitment Process Outsourcing service, we make attracting and retaining talent simple and effective. We act as your in-house recruitment team, taking into account your skills requirements and company culture. Our Easy Talent RPO solution helps you scale as quickly as your business requires

How we do it

With outsourced recruitment services, you get the access to the talent you need, when you need it. We create a bespoke talent funnel, sending you applications of top candidates that match your requirements. Our expertise allows us to do a full job board review, advertise job openings, and create targeted digital marketing campaigns. We track applicants throughout the process to ensure no candidate gets lost or overlooked.

Talent funnel

Our talent funnel enables you to monitor candidate experience and manage touchpoints with a trusted industry recruiter. We ensure applicants remain engaged throughout the process and receive personalised, timely feedback. Our number one priority is to find top talent and nurture it until you’ve found the perfect hire for your team.

Bespoke Marketing

Easy Talent creates bespoke targeted marketing campaigns on leading UK job boards, search engines, and social media. All our recruitment content and job adverts are produced by an experienced copywriter, helping to attract talent by promoting your brand as an employer of choice. We make it easy for applicants to find and apply to your open positions.


We have created an advanced Applicant Tracking System and CRM to provide full control over the candidate journey. This solution is powered by two-way communication channels, triggers and reporting, allowing you to retain candidate data for re-engagement and referral schemes. You’ll have access to whatever information you need, when you need it.

Job advertising and CV vetting services

We are now offering job advertising and CV vetting services for clients who want to manage the candidates they see. We can advertise and pre-screen candidates, sending them straight across ready for review by you. Save time on vetting and £££ on advertising.

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In-House Training

Got an in-house talent team but need a little bit of support to point yourselves in the right direction?

We offer options from 1-hour recruitment training sessions with an industry-trained recruiter that give tangible insights on your lunch-break!

Combine with our recruitment audit to really hone in on the specific areas most important to your business.


Why work with us?

Easy Talent is a cost-effective RPO alternative to one-off ad-hoc recruitment services. We become an integral part of your organisation, ensuring your values are front and centre when dealing with in-demand candidates. We can offer a better organic flow of candidates, and the ability to fully track recruitment movements across multiple functions, so you won’t lose sight of important information, project status, and communication. Easy Talent is both a talent and tech solution in one affordable and impactful package. 


We work in a variety of industries and roles across the UK. Our recruiters specialise in specific sectors, so you’ll be working with someone who understands your industry.

Prices for our RPO services depend on the number of roles you’d like to fill per month/year and we work it out according to a fixed monthly fee. We can work out your exact needs when we do the recruitment audit.

Included in the monthly fee are advertising, marketing, software, and recruiter expenses, as well as any other associated costs involved.

It’s a valid concern, but we assure you, we know exactly what we’re doing. We make sure to do all the prep work during the recruitment audit and implementation period, so that on day one, your recruiter knows exactly what they need to do to successfully fill the role. We also offer a three-month probationary period, which means if you’re not happy with our service, you can cancel with just a month’s notice.

Yes, we offer a trial option where the first placement can be counted against your first instalment.

All you need to do is give us a month’s notice and we’ll revert the contract into hibernation mode until you need to hire again. All you’ll be paying for is the software and any associated costs, which lowers the price significantly.

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