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7 Essential Recruitment Software Features All Businesses Benefit From

A recruitment software package can transform the way your business runs. One minute, you’re having trouble finding reliable talent and dealing with clunky admin processes. Next, you’re simultaneously gliding through a seamless hiring process while growing and future-proofing your business. All thanks to a simple software tool.

However, not all recruitment software tools offer the same features. Some recruitment software benefits are better than others, and you need to know what to look for to ensure you find a perfect fit.

Here are the top seven most useful recruitment software features you should look for before making a final decision. 


1. All-In-One System

Out of all of the recruitment software features, there’s one you can’t ignore: an all-in-one system. 

Recruitment software tools that provide complete services remove the stress of dealing with multiple contracts from different software suppliers. Instead of logging into different tools, keeping 4+ subscriptions updated, and trying to make sense of numerous software, you can do everything in one user-friendly space. 

For example, Easy Tech offers an all-in-one model that helps you save time and cash with ATS, CRM, bookings, payroll, and credit control in one software package. No app-hopping here!


2. Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is often overlooked when it comes to recruitment software benefits. No one wants to have any problems with a new software tool. However, it’s a feature you’ll thank yourself for focusing on if you have any questions or queries. 

Reliable customer support will help you resolve potential issues without fuss. The best recruitment software provides 24/7 live UK-based support with multiple accessible contact channels. This puts you first and ensures you can get help from a real person whenever needed. 


3. Customisable Workflows

These days, software recruitment tools come with many shiny bells and whistles. But their main aim should still be to connect you with ideal candidates with the right skills for the job. 

Recruitment software tools with customisable workflows are critical if you want to guarantee the hiring process fits your business requirements. From defining stages of the CRM to allowing the sales team to store and update relevant details, a modern software tool should be flexible to your requirements. 

After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to recruitment. 


4. Bullet Proof Compliance Management Internal Communication

As recruitment agencies, staying compliant is always going to be top of mind so anything that can ensure you are 100% compliant at all times is a clear benefit. 

Managing candidates’ documents and records has never been easier. Easy Tech’s intelligent platform blocks recruitments from adding a candidate to a shift if they do not have the relevant or expired documents. 


5. Dynamic Reports & Analytics

Making smart hiring decisions is always better when you have dynamic reports and analytics by your side. 

This is one of the most useful recruitment software features, as comprehensive reporting gives you direct insight into the recruitment funnel and provides ongoing updates and support while you use the tool. 

You can use the real-time data to reflect on your strategy and see whether the process is helping (or hindering) your business growth. This is ideal if you want the ability to pivot quickly and ensure your team is always ready for success. 


6. Streamlined Automated Admin

A 2012 IDC white paper found that the approximate time spent looking for admin documents was around 4.5 hours of working time a week. Yes, 4.5 hours! 

Great recruitment software should have the ability to automate rules and triggers. For example, Easy Tech automatically sends emails to candidates when a document is about to expire that needs attention.

Managing documents and trudging through admin is a prominent time sink that eats into productivity and business margins. However, the best recruitment software removes admin fuss and offers a streamlined system that allows system administrators to do the job faster.

From easy ways to manage user access and improved drop-down fields to mobile accessibility that allows you to oversee the hiring process on the go, looking for recruitment tools with optimised admin processes will benefit your business from the get-go. 


7. Cost-Efficient Pricing

When considering what to look for in a recruitment software, you should always remember to examine the tool’s pricing. Having all the latest gadgets and gizmos is great, but if you’re paying a premium for them, your business might not actually benefit.

Recruitment software tools with cost-efficient pricing give you all the benefits without dominating your expenses. You can maximise your hiring success, manage your recruits, and enjoy the benefits of a complete ATS, CRM, and payroll system, all without a big price tag. 

Trustworthy recruitment software should also offer a free trial to help you see if the tool is a good fit before committing to a contract. Easy Tech offers a 14-day free demo to try out the customisable dashboard for yourself. Simple.


Other Recruitment Software Features To Consider

Want to ensure you pick the best recruitment software on the market? Here are some additional factors to note: 

  • HMRC-compliant temporary payrolls
  • PERMS module
  • Electronic and paper T/S modules
  • Complete transparency throughout the process
  • Fully trackable system
What To Look For In Temporary Recruitment Software – The Takeaway

Whether you’re choosing your first software or looking to replace your existing one, make sure you keep these seven factors in mind.

Professional recruitment software should bring value to your enterprise through efficient talent sourcing, reduced acquisition costs, and accurate data insights. So, don’t settle for the first tool you see. Compare and contrast the top options to find a product that offers sustainable success for your team.


About Easy Tech

Easy Tech provides bespoke end-to-end temporary recruitment software to help you optimise the hiring process. 

With a CRM module, ATS, bookings and T/S, payroll, accounting, and credit control, we’re ready to tackle the recruitment process so you can focus on providing excellent services while saving time and money. 

Learn more about Easy Tech now.

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