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Recruitment Tracker Template Vs ATS: Small Agencies

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Can you estimate how long you spend tracking data manually? Most recruitment agencies spend more time than they’d like to admit tinkering with Excel or Google Sheets, especially when this time could be focused on outreach and securing more business. 

However, there is one technique you can use to half your spreadsheet time — a recruitment tracker. With this handy tool, you can ditch the disordered admin and save your team some time and your agency some money. 

Keep reading to learn more about how trackers work, why your recruitment agency will benefit from one, and how to access Easy T’s applicant tracking system with a 14-day free trial or download our free recruitment tracker template for Google Sheets. All you need to do is make a copy and get using it!  Let’s get started. 

What Is a Recruitment Tracker Template?

Recruitment tracking templates are Excel spreadsheets that help you organise everything in the recruitment process. 

These dynamic tools track all of your primary metrics. From job adverts to interviews and applications to successful hires, they store all crucial details so you can streamline your workflow and never create a recruitment spreadsheet from scratch again.

Spreadsheet Recruitment Download Template

How Can Agencies Benefit From a Recruiting Spreadsheet?

As mentioned, a recruitment candidate tracker in Excel can help you save time and focus more on things that matter. But are there any other benefits? 

Here are some extra advantages of embracing a recruitment tracker template. 

  1. Better Overall Organisation

A recruitment tracker provides a structured overview of all hiring data, meaning nothing falls through the cracks. This keeps your day-to-day processes running smoothly.

2. Keeps Tabs on Candidate History

Recruitment trackers record the data from past candidates, making it easier to identify suitable applicants for future matching job opportunities. These can be paired by looking at skills, experience, and relevant qualifications.

3. Improves Your Candidate Experience

Working with an organised and efficient recruitment agency will always be more pleasant than dealing with a chaotic one. A recruitment tracker leads to better communication and timely updates throughout the application process.


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Drawbacks of a Recruitment Tracker 

We’re all about giving an unbiased overview. So, here are the quick disadvantages of using an applicant tracking spreadsheet template.

Even though the spreadsheet keeps everything organised, you still have to enter data into the template. This still consumes time and requires extra focus. 

There’s a lot of mistakes that can be lost, human errors are very common.

Miscommunication is a lot easier to happen when you’re relying on people manual uploading date. 

The recruiting metrics Excel template provides limited reporting and data analysis. Unlike automated systems, spreadsheets don’t create charts or reports, and learning how to create them requires more time and training.

There is also a big issue of cybersecurity with a manual excel spreadsheet and private data, or if a consultant leaves and manages to gain access to the spreadsheet.

Why an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Is More Beneficial

If your ultimate goal is to save time and money, your needs might go beyond an online spreadsheet template. And this is where an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) comes in.

An ATS provides a complete overview of every crucial point in the recruitment process. Rather than a spreadsheet, this is a piece of automated software that optimises every aspect of the recruitment funnel on one easy-to-navigate platform. 

Typically, ATS systems improve hiring quality, ensure legal compliance, save hours, and help to increase the potential candidate pool. 

A secure ATS is GDPR-compliant, no issues of cybersecurity breaches or problems with data mismanagement. 

All are benefits that lead to a more efficient business and a more trustworthy agency with glowing client reviews.

Does an ATS Work For Small Agencies?

Yes! Automated systems aren’t just for big recruitment agencies. They can be extremely valuable for smaller businesses, too. 

For example, an ATS can streamline your staff’s daily to-do list, allowing them to focus on building relationships with clients and reaching out to potential hires. 

ATS vs Recruitment Trackers: How Do They Measure Up?

Are you conflicted between trying out a spreadsheet template and going all-in with an automated tracking system? 

Here’s an overview of key features and whether they’re used on each.

How Easy Tech Can Help

If you’re looking for a recruitment candidate tracker on Excel for free, you might be interested in Easy Tech ATS and end-to-end temporary recruitment software. Designed to make the recruitment process simpler and more effective, our product provides everything a recruiter needs in one simple product. 

From ATS and CRM capabilities to integrated payroll modules and timesheet management tools, we’re here to help you provide customer excellence while saving time and money for the jobs that matter. 

Give it a try with our 14-day free trial. Learn more about the software and trial here.

About Easy Tech

A little about us… 

Easy Tech provides bespoke end-to-end temporary recruitment software to help you optimise the hiring process. We take control of the recruitment process with a CRM module, ATS, bookings and T/S, payroll, accounting, and credit control, allowing you to focus on providing excellent services while saving time and resources. We specialise in a variety of industries, with our healthcare recruitment software, manufacturing recruitment CRM, teaching agency recruitment software and more.

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